Frequently Asked Questions

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What is LEGO robotics?

It is a new and exciting way to get children interested and involved in science and technology. Children are able to build and program their own robots to complete a wide variety of tasks. The heart of the robot is the NXT intelligent brick, a compact computer that controls motors and a variety of sensors.

Who can participate?

While LEGO robotics is enjoyed by children and adults alike, our camp is geared for children aged 8 to 13.  Upon completion of our camp, your child will be well-equipped to participate in First LEGO League (FLL) tournaments.

What will my child do at the camp?

We begin by teaching your child the basics of computer programming using digital tools.  We will teach your child how to construct robots that are mechanically and structurally sound.  Your child will be taught how to program the robot to move, use sensors, and employ tools to complete tasks on our FLL competition game boards.  Each day there will be construction and programming lessons, teamwork challenges, and ample time for your child to work on his or her team’s robot.

Does my child need computer or LEGO experience?

Our camp is designed to allow children with basic computer and no LEGO experience to become skilled robot builders and programmers.  We start with the basics and progress as quickly and as far as your child is able.

What about lunch and breaks during the camp?

You need to send nut-free snacks with your child.  We have a refrigerator and a microwave available for your child to use.  A 15 minute recess during each session allows campers to have a snack and take a break.  If your child is enrolled in both the morning and afternoon camp sessions you will need to provide them with a nut-free lunch.  All recess and lunch periods are fully adult supervised.

How many children will be in the camp with my child?

We strictly limit our LEGO Robotics and Coding camp enrolment to 12 children per session.    Your child will work with two or three other children as a team for the entire camp.   There are two teachers who serve as supervisors, instructors, and coaches.  Our MinecraftEDU camp can accommodate up to 18 children per session.  Campers will have the chance to show off what they have accomplished to their fellow campers and parents on the last day of the camp.

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** NEW FOR 2016 **    Minecraft EDU Camp     ** NEW FOR 2016 **

We are pleased to offer a  half-day MinecraftEDU camp programme.  Minecraft is a wildly popular building video game popular with children around the world.  We are offering camp using the latest version of the Educational version of this game for your child to enjoy.   Unlike the commercial version of this game, our EDU version is not connected to the internet, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your child.  Children are interacting in-game with only the other campers in the same room.

Using MinecraftEDU as a learning tool, your child will learn about constructing various structures, experience the impact of humanity on a virtual ecosystem, travel back in time to digitally experience what the life of an early settler was like, explore digital replicas of interesting places, and complete survival type challenges.  We fully supervise and control the digital environment allowing us to encourage all our campers to develop as good digital citizens.

We are the exclusive Minecraft EDU camp at Mentor / TEAM.  This camp is supervised and operated by highly experienced teachers to ensure your child has a positive and educational camp experience.

Does my child need a Minecraft account?

No.  Our educational license allows your child to use our computers and server without any external account.

Can my child login to the MinecraftEDU server from home or outside camp hours?

No.  Our MinecraftEDU server is based on an internal LAN system and is not accessible from the internet.

What about fighting and violence in Minecraft?

Our MinecraftEDU server is specially configured not to allow users to fight with any other user.  Part of the game does sometimes involve the harvesting of digital animals as part of the farming process and there are environmental risks that effect character health.

Can my child participate in both MinecraftEDU camp and LEGO Robotics camp?

Yes.  Simply select a morning MinecraftEDU camp session and an afternoon LEGO Robotics and Coding session.  This will provide a full -day camp experience for your child.

Our camp 2016 dates are:

Monday, June 27 to Thursday, June 30, 2016


Monday, July 4 to  Friday, July 8, 2016.

Morning camp session (9 am to 12 noon) is the MinecraftEDU camp.

Our afternoon camp sessions are a choice of either LEGO Robotics and Coding camp   OR  the MinecraftEDU camp.

Full-day registrations (AM and PM session combined) cost $350.00 per week.

Half-day registrations (AM or PM session) cost $200.00 per week.